Our staff

Our staff are key to providing excellent services to the tenants and other customers we serve.

We are a small team and everyone has a voice in the organisation, both about how we deal with things on an operational basis and also how the organisation develops. We encourage discussion, sharing of information and a team approach. 

Leadership team

  • Chief Executive Officer: Brett Sadler
  • Partnership Lead: Moira MacVicar
  • Director of Finance and Support Services: Linda Hoar
  • Director of Customer Experience: Michael Driscoll

Housing management

  • Housing and Customer Services Officer: Iona Smith
  • Arrears Lead: Aileen Michie
  • Tenancy Lead: Diane MacDonald
  • Customer Lead: Rhona McGlone
  • Housing Assistant: Claire Irvine, Charlene Servant

Asset services

  • Asset Officer: John MacDonald
  • Asset Planning Assistant: Jason Wyllie
  • Estates Assistant: Alexander Allan
  • Repairs Lead: Andrew Friedemann
  • Repairs Assistant: Louise MacLeod, Stuart Wollacott

Finance and support services

  • Finance Officer: Liam Orr 
  • Finance Assistant: Lewis MacPhee, John Taylor
  • Finance Assistant Trainee: Kimberly Thomson
  • Corporate Services Assistant: Oriana Lopez
  • Digital Lead: Ben Robinson
  • Clerical Support Assistant: Emma Brown, Lora Buchanan

Service engineer

  • Heating and Plumbing Service Engineer: Paul Ferguson