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Adaptations to Properties for People with Disabilities

Stage 3 Adaptations is the name given to works of a structural nature required to adapt a property to suit the changing needs of an existing tenant or of a new tenant who may have or may develop some form of disability. The Association will endeavour to carry out recommended alterations within the given restraints of the property.

The Association can apply to the Scottish Government for Housing Association Grant for adaptations works to existing properties in order to make them more suitable for residents with disabilities.

In the first instance, Social Work Departments, in collaboration with Health Authorities have the responsibility to provide specialist advice on the specific needs of people with a physical disability. All applications for adaptations must be based on specialist advice, or on medical opinion, supported in a letter or report from a suitably qualified expert, such as an Occupational Therapist. Applications must also comply with specialist recommendations laid out by the Scottish Government. These are items that, because they are fixed to or become part of the structure of a dwelling, may be regarded as "structural".

The following are classed as Stage 3 adaptations.

1. General alteration

  • extensions or alterations to provide bathroom, WC or bedroom etc, with level or suitably ramped access.

2. Garaging and external facilities

  • widening of garden paths
  • carport and/or undercover access to the dwelling if practicable; and
  • remote control garage door opener to existing garage used by (or for) a disabled driver.

3. Approaches to entrance doors

  • modification of steps, for example to widen treads or incorporate half-steps or create ramp;
  • handrails or balustrading to ramps/steps (and elsewhere in the dwelling where necessary); and
  • doorcall and entry phone system

4. Doors and windows

  • widening or re-hanging of doors to permit wheelchair manoeuvre;
  • substitution of sliding or bi-fold doors for side-hung doors;
  • suitable ironmongery, for example level in place of knob handles, pull handles and rails to doors or kicking plates and/or protective edging to door frames and handing stiles;
  • remote control window and/or give satisfactory sight-lines for people in wheelchairs; and
  • larger window for visually impaired people.

5. Staircase and vertical circulation

  • Additional handrail to staircase or gate at head or foot of stairs;
  • Stairlift installed over staircase, for standing or seated use, or with platform for wheelchair; and
  • Vertical homelift or hoist

6. Water Services

  • Substitution of lever for screwdown taps;
  • Re-fixing of taps at convenient level;
  • Remote control valves for taps;
  • Thermostatic control for shower; and
  • Relocation of control valve for mains water supply.

7. Electrical and heating services

  • Re-fixing for socket outlets at a convenient level, additional sockets outlets or rocker light switches;
  • Alarm call or loud bell for people who are hard of hearing;
  • Relocation of prepayment meters or of thermostat or heating controls;
  • Central heating, or supplementary radiators to existing installation;
  • Fixed heating appliance (gas or electric) in place of open fire or other solid fuel appliance;
  • Fluorescent lights in kitchen, bathroom and working areas for visually impaired people;
  • Warning systems for people who are hard of hearing, for example, flashing lights;
  • Provision of power supply for electric hoists suspended from ceiling track; and
  • Relocation of main switches for gas or electricity.

8. Provision of lifting aids

  • Reinforcement of ceilings and provision of track for personal hoist.

9. Acoustic insulation

  • Acoustic insulation.

10. Entrance halls

  • Letter cages or delivery shelf; and
  • Relocation of clothes hanging rails (also in bedrooms).

11. Kitchens

  • Alterations to provide fixed storage units, worktops and sink units at convenient levels;
  • Non-slip flooring;
  • Built in cooker for use by disabled person; and
  • Waste disposal unit to sink.

12. Bathrooms and WCs

  • Shower unit in place of, or to supplement, bath;
  • Shower cubicle, special bath, special WC fixture, suitable washbasins and/or bidet;
  • Raising of WC fixture;
  • Sluice sink;
  • Fixed bath hoist;
  • Support rails to walls by bath or WC, or other fixed support or non-slip flooring; and
  • Platform at head of bath.

13. Storage

  • Storage provision for wheelchair

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