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Rent payments

The rent the Association charges has to cover:

  • The day to day management, maintenance and repair of properties
  • The interest and repayments of any mortgages or loans owning
  • The setting aside money to establish a fund to enable the Association to carry repairs which will be needed in the future.


In addition to rents we have levied a charge to many properties which will covers the cost of services provided.

These are:

  • Maintaining communal landscaping and grass cutting
  • Stair lighting
  • Communal electricity supplies
  • Communal bin pull outs
  • Servicing of hoists, lifts and baths

We set a charge that simply covers the actual cost of providing the service with a very small management fee. Services charges can also be covered by Housing Benefit for those tenant that qualify.

Rent Increases

The Association aims to keep rents at an affordable level.

West Highland Housing Association carries out a review of its rent and service charge levels annually and normally applies an increase, in line with the 30 years Business Plan, following consultation with tenants, from the 1st of April each year.

Scottish Secure Tenancy (SST)
The Association sets the rents for Scottish Secure Tenants who are not Secure tenants. We take into account the need to cover our costs as described above. Like a number of Associations we use a ‘points system’ to calculate the rent for each property. This means the rent depends on the size, type of house and the facilities it has.

Former Secure Tenants
These tend to be long-standing tenancies where the rents are set by the Rent Officer every three years. They are properties that were transferred from another landlord. We have a small number of these properties.

How to pay your rent:

You can pay your rent in any of the following way:

  • By Direct Debit
  • By using your swipe card at any Post Office
  • At a shop or garage which has a Pay Point terminal
  • By telephone on 0844 557 8321. Debit card payments only
  • Online at the PAYMENTS WEBSITE. Debit card only
  • By agreeing that your Housing Benefit is paid straight to the Association by the Council.

Direct Debit mandates can be requested by contacting the Housing & Customer Service Assistant on 01631 566451 or 0845 402058

Swipe cards are easy to use, you simply hand over the payment and your card. The till operator will give you a receipt, which you should keep as proof of payment.

If you have problems paying your rent please see the Rent Arrears page.

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