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Anti-Social Behaviour

Different people have different lifestyles. This does not normally create problems providing everyone adopts a commonsense approach and shows a degree of tolerance and consideration to their neighbours. It is however important that you are aware of those living round about you, and that you adhere to the terms of your Tenancy Agreement.

Neighbour Complaints

Every tenant should be able to enjoy living in their home without nuisance or annoyance from their neighbours. From time to time, a problem may arise between you and your neighbour. These problems may range from excessive noise to harassment and even seemingly small problems can be very disruptive. If you feel able to do so the best first step is to discuss the matter directly with your neighbour and attempt to sort out the problems amicably. This may need to be done on more than one occasion. If the problems persist, you can approach the Association. It is best to do this in writing as your complaint will be recorded and dealt with more effectively. You should indicate the incidents that have led up to the complaint and the action taken to date. If other neighbours also have a grievance, then it is advisable that they also put complaints in writing.

If you are having serious difficulties (e.g. as a result of harassment), or where you are being disturbed outwith office hours you should contact the police in the first instance, and subsequently bring these problems to the attention of the Association.

If you do make a complaint this will be kept confidential and your name will not be revealed to the alleged offender, although if the case is serious and it is necessary to go to Court, the neighbours affected would normally be required to give evidence. In instances where there are persistent problems it makes sense to keep a note of the times and dates of these complaints.

By far the main reason for disputes between neighbours is noise. This can usually be avoided by being considerate towards your neighbours and not playing radios, hi-fi equipment, televisions etc too loudly, especially late at night or early in the morning. Playing loud music at unsociable hours can constitute a criminal offence. You should also note that part of your Tenancy Agreement states that you must not cause a nuisance to others. Any breach of this agreement can result in the Association taking legal action against you.

The Association takes complaints of anti-social behaviour seriously. It does, however, take time to fully investigate such complaints, and serious cases may result in the Association's legal advisers having to be consulted. Any action being taken thereafter by the Association against a tenant for nuisance, or anti-social behaviour is likely to require the co-operation of the complainants, including in Court, if necessary. Tenants are asked to note the time that it can take to implement the due processes of the law.

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